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PLANCK 2014 - The microwave sky in temperature and polarization



The conference will be dedicated to the scientific results of the second cosmological data release from Planck satellite, the ESA mission to map the microwave sky and the anisotropies of the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation (http://www.esa.int/Planck ). The 2014 Planck public release of data products  and papers will actually take place a few weeks after this conference. This conference is therefore the first occasion  to preview the Planck 2014 data products and discuss their scientific impact.

Results from other experiments will be presented and discussed as well.


Planck was launched in May 2009 and surveyed the sky continuously until October 2013.

The first data release took place in March 2013, comprising only temperature data for the first fifteen months of observation.

The second data release will take place in late 2014 and will present  data for all  Planck sky surveys, in both temperature and polarization.

High quality maps of Cosmic Microwave Background intensity and polarization will be presented and discussed, along with astrophysical foregrounds, including synchrotron, free-free and dust emission from the Milky Way, radio and far-infrared emission from galaxies, the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect in clusters of galaxies, and the Cosmic Infrared Background. The Planck data therefore address an extremely broad range of cosmological and astrophysical science.

This conference provides a scientific forum where the cosmological and astrophysical results can be discussed.





Registration can be done by using the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.

IMPORTANT NOTE: maximum number of conference participants 250.











Nabila Aghanim

Steve Allen

Marco Bersanelli

Jamie Bock

Dick Bond

Francois Bouchet

Francois Boulanger

Luigi Danese

Gianfranco De Zotti

Joanna Dunkley

George Efstathiou

Ronald Ekers

Paul Goldsmith

Krzysztof Gorski

Eiichiro Komatsu

Jean Michel Lamarre

Charles Lawrence

Nazzareno Mandolesi (Chair)

Peter Martin

Pavel Naselsky

Paolo Natoli

Hans Ulrik Norgaard Nielsen

Lyman Page

Bruce Partridge

Simon Prunet

Jean Loup Puget

Eduardo Rozo

Douglas Scott

Rachid Sunyaev

Jan Tauber

Andrea Zacchei

Adriano De Rosa

Massimiliano Lattanzi

Marco Malaspina

Diego Molinari

Daniela Paoletti (Chair)





PLANCK 2014 meeting will be held at Palazzo Costabili (today it houses the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Ferrara).

Palazzo Costabili, courtyard Palazzo Costabili, cloister The "Hall of Maps"


Palazzo Costabili

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Via XX Settembre 124

Ferrara - Italy









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